Player Testimonials

Gabe Tierney '14

The Titans work on being a team and playing together. They form friendships within the team so we can stay friends off the court.

Nico Ball '14

 "I have learned to respect others and have a better attitude toward my competitors"

Beau Gamble '09

 I have learned to balance basketball with other top priorities in my life such as family, church, and school 

Holden Killeen '16

 Coaches promote life values and character in life not just slefless basketball. 

Evan Kihn '13

  Being part of something bigger than yourself is special and is what this team is all about.

James Maher '16

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Question and answer

Who are the Colorado Titans?

 The Colorado Titans is an AAU Club Basketball Program founded in 2006 by Bruce Gamble. Now going on its 14th year of existence, the Colorado Titans is a 501c3 non-profit organization that allows young men and women in the state of Colorado to play the game of basketball. In 2018, the Colorado Titans fielded 20 teams throughout the course of the year with players coming in from all parts of the state of Colorado and Wyoming!  

How many teams do you have?

 The number of players who participate in tryouts each season determines the number of teams that we field each year. We are a competitive program and not all of the kids at tryouts will be selected for a team. For the 2019 season, we are projecting at least two teams for each age group, ranging from U9 to U17 or 3rd grade to high school juniors for the 2018-2019 school year. 

How are teams selected?

 Colorado Titans have a 2-day tryout for 2 hours each day in March. Players are evaluated by the Titans coaching staff, then ranked individually overall as well as by position. Following a thorough and objective evaluation process, players selected for the Gold team are offered roster spots first. When the Gold team has been confirmed, players selected for the Black team will receive team offers. If there are enough players for a third team, players will be offered spots on the White when the Black team has been filled.  

How many players are selected per team?

 Our goal is to have 10 players on each team. This allows the organization to be more cost effective. Additionally, 10 player teams ensures that we will have enough players to field a team in tournaments when players can’t play due to injuries, vacations, school functions, family functions, etc. There are some circumstances in which we do carry more than 10 players, but our players’ families are aware of this unique situation. 

Where are practices located?

 Practices will be held at three different locations throughout the year; Erie Middle School, Soaring Heights K-8 in Erie and Alexander Dawson in Lafayette. All locations are within 7 minutes of one another.  

How often do you practice?

April and May – two to three times per week. One day of designated player development. June and July – two times per week. Team Practices are last an hour and a half. Player Development Sessions last for an hour.  

How long does the season run?

U14 – 17 seasons will start with practices in late March/early April and will conclude in late July. Our teams usually play in nine to ten tournaments over the course of the spring/summer season. For these age groups we will not officially practice during the month of June so that all players can attend camps with their High School Programs. During the month of June, we will offer open gyms for our teams/players to come in and play in the evening.

U9 – U13 season will start with practices in late March/early April and will conclude in July. This age group of teams will play in leagues/tournaments, April through July. We will take a two-week break from May 20 until June 2. 

Our fall season begins in September and runs through November 10 for all age groups. Our winter season begins in November and runs through February. This season is only for our U9 - U14 age groups. We will play in the Gold Crown League, Power to Play or the Premier League as well as local tournaments.

How do you select coaches?

Our Staff comprises 25 coaches who have been selected by the Director and approved by the Board of Directors. Many of our coaches have been with our program for more than 10 years! Our coaches all have extensive backgrounds with the game of basketball and communicate exceptionally well with young men and women. Many of our coaches are currently coaching at the high school level or have done so in the past. We also have some coaches who were once Titan players and are now giving back to the players in our program. We have two coaches per team.

Travel Tournaments

We do travel to out of state tournaments each year so that our players will be able to receive exposure on the national  scene. The national tournaments that we play in are viewed by many college coaches from around the country. Over the years, we have traveled to California, Nevada, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. The main teams to travel are the older age groups U15 – U17; Gold and Black Teams. We do travel once or twice with our U14’s.

What are the club fees and what do they cover?

The Colorado Titans is an all-inclusive organization, meaning that once the fees are set by the Board of Directors for the 2019 season they will not be changed. All travel is included in our fees for the teams that travel to out of state tournaments. This includes flights, hotels, and van transportation.

U13 – U17 team costs will range from $1900 - $5000 with the higher cost due to travel.

U9 – U12 team costs will range from $600 to $1600.

The fees you pay go to the following: Accounting, admin work, Team Snap, uniforms and gear for the players, coaching costs, tournament fees, and insurance. Costs vary from team to team.

When are the club fees due?

Families have the option to make monthly installments or to pay the entire fee at the parent/ player meeting in March. For families who choose to make payments, the first payment will be due before the parent/player meeting to hold their player’s spot on the team for which they were selected. After the initial payment, other due dates will be April 1, 2019, and May 1, 2019. Traveling teams will have additional dates of June 1 and July 1, 2019.

What does my club fee NOT cover?

When we travel, daily food and entertainment is not covered. We do try to stay at hotels, such as Embassy Suites, that include a daily breakfast.

College Exposure

We will do everything possible for every player in our program to reach the next level. We believe in player development and teaching the game through fundamentals. We have many contacts at the college level and our success rate over the past few years has been remarkable in terms of players playing at the collegiate level. You can look at our alumni page here:

What does the Colorado Titans Expect out of your son/ daughter?

If your son/daughter is selected to play for our program and they accept, we expect our program to be their first commitment during the season. We do understand the values of family functions, school functions, church functions, and spring sports at the Middle School and High School level. We expect all players to attend all practices and games. This is a competitive program, and we need everybody’s full attention as we teach our brand of basketball. Our brand consists of 100% effort at all times, willingness to take constructive criticism, leave your attitude at the door, and be the best teammate possible. If you embrace our brand, you will be become a better basketball player and be part of the Titans Family for Life!

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