"Developing youth players through hard work, team play, and a desire to become a better basketball player." 
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U12 White - 2018
Head Coach: Blake Wrapp
Assistant Coach: Trevor McQueeney

Number First Name Last Name School Class Of Grade
0 Grant Boonstra Peak to Peak  2024 6th
4 Ella Jimenez Erie Middle School 2024 6th
5 Caysen Barry Eldorado K-8 2024 6th
8 Callum Donahue Westview Middle School 2020 6th
12 Leif Anderson Casey Middle School 2024 6th
13 Trey Boychuk Aspen Creek 2025 5th
22 Keller Tyree Westview Middle School 2024 6th
24 Corey Graves Monarch 2024 6th
33 Brody Gray Louisville Middle School 2024 6th
55 Mark Gleason Louisville Middle School 2024 6th
U12 White 2018 Tournament Schedule

April 14th                      MAYB, Denver, CO – Saturday Only

April 28th                        MAYB, Denver, CO – Saturday Only

May 5th – 6th                  MAYB, Thornton, CO

May 11th – 12th             MAYB, Thornton, CO – 4 Game Guarantee

May 18th – 20th             MAYB, Thornton, CO – CO Summer Kickoff

June 15th – 17th            MAYB, Thornton, CO

June 22nd – 24th            MAYB, Thornton, CO

July 7th – 8th                MAYB, Denver, CO

July 13th – 15th            MAYB, Thornton, CO

*All Tournaments Are Subject To Change*