"Developing youth players through hard work, team play, and a desire to become a better basketball player." 
basketball player"


"I have learned to respect others and have a better attitude toward my competitors"
-Nico Ball-Current Player

"I have learned to balance basketball with other top priorities in my life such as family, church, and school."
-Matt Twist- Current Player

"Coaches promote life values and character in life not just slefless basketball."
-Holden Killeen-Former Player

"The Titans work on being a team and playing together. They form friendships within the team so we can stay friends off the court."
-Gabe Tierney-Former Player

Coaching and playing in the Colorado Titans basketball organization not only was a way for me to learn and grow fundamentally as a basketball player and teammate but it also taught discipline and the importance of working for and with others to achieve a goal. Being the part of something bigger than yourself is special and that is what the team is all about.

-James Maher Class of 2016