"Developing youth players through hard work, team play, and a desire to become a better basketball player." 
basketball player"


"I have learned to respect others and have a better attitude toward my competitors"
-Nico Ball-Current Player

"I have learned to balance basketball with other top priorities in my life such as family, church, and school."
-Matt Twist- Current Player

"Coaches promote life values and character in life not just slefless basketball."
-Holden Killeen-Former Player

"The Titans work on being a team and playing together. They form friendships within the team so we can stay friends off the court."
-Gabe Tierney-Former Player

Coaching and playing in the Colorado Titans basketball organization not only was a way for me to learn and grow fundamentally as a basketball player and teammate but it also taught discipline and the importance of working for and with others to achieve a goal. Being the part of something bigger than yourself is special and that is what the team is all about.

-James Maher Class of 2016

The Titans is often referred to as a “family,” 
and as a parent of three boys having gone 
through this program, I would completely concur.
Our boys have not only enjoyed such a high 
level of basketball, but have learned many life 
lessons on becoming respectful young men.
They have benefited greatly from having many different
coaches provide unique perspectives on the game itself
traveling and realizing what responsibly comes with that, spending so 
much time with their teammates and coaches and all of the growing 
and respect that evolves, and seeing how a family-like
mentality gives you the desire to stick by each other through 
thick and thin, on and off the court.  The integrity that 
has been realized in our boys has definitely been influenced 
by this organization.  We will never second guess the eight years 
we have already spent with this program, and look forward to the 
upcoming years with our third son still part of it.  Another 
testimony to the Titans is how our two oldest boys are still so 
connected with their club basketball teammates and coaches, 
even years later.  Thank you Titans and Rick Jimenez!
-Kari Johnson